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How to Suggest Marriage Counseling to a Spouse

Posted - 02/09/2012

Marriage is a vow that unites two people for a lifetime. However, it is not uncommon for couples to experience rocky patches in their marriage. Life is filled with obstacles that can damage even the most loving marriage. It takes effort and communication to keep a marriage running smoothly. When problems arise, it is often difficult and painful to talk to a spouse. In the moments that two people need each other most, they often push each other away with silence and resentment.

Divorce does not need to be the answer. Marriage counselors provide the type of therapy that can repair a marriage. Marriage counselors act as an intermediate between husband and wife, and they can ease the differences that have afflicted the relationship. If a marriage is going to be saved, then it is up to someone to suggest counseling.

People are often too stubborn to do this. However, one person needs to look at the bigger picture and propose the idea. It needs to be suggested kindly, sympathetically and with both people’s best interests in mind. If you or your spouse feel that your marriage is in trouble, then it is time for someone to suggest counseling.
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